How to Install Gutters

Gutters and downspouts are two unappreciated heroes of our homes. They don’t only protect our roofs, but they also greatly reduce foundation issues.

How to Install Gutters

Materials & Tools

New gutters
New downspouts
Measuring stick
Tin snips
Gutter flashing
Gutter sealant
Gutter hangers
Gutter apron
Fascia board
Rivet gun
Hex head screws

First, we have to work with the corner pieces. Take your new gutter and use your tin snips to cut according to the length needed. The top of the gutter is called the notch. Cut two inches from the end of the notch so you can attach a corner piece.

Before we install anything, we have to prepare the downspouts. First, measure from the top of the fascia board to the ground. Then, add four inches. This is the length of your downspout. If you need to cut, use the tin snips.

Head up on your ladder and first mark the gutter’s slope. Gutters should be installed with a very small slope so rain can freely flow from the roof to the gutter and eventually to the downspout. Start at one end of the fascia board. Install a nail at the top. Install a nail at that spot and do the same for every 10 feet. Once completed, take a level to ensure it matches. The bubble should be off-center toward the high side.

Now, take your gutters and attach them to the fascia board using the hex head screws. The screw sizes depend on your gutter material, but 1-1/4″ is ideal. Install one screw every 2 to 3 feet.

You should see a downspout outlet hanging from your gutter at this point. Now, we have to attach the rest of the downspout.

Take the elbow of your downspout and screw it into the outlet tube. If the elbow does not extend to the house, you have to add a small downspout piece. Measure the distance and then cut a piece to length with a hacksaw. Now, take your crimper and clamp down on the inside of your small downspout piece. Next, you have to attach U-shaped brackets to the house that will hold the downspout in place. Install brackets going down the house, from the gutter, every six feet.

Attach the brackets to the house with stainless steel screws. Install all screws and then put together the downspout extension near the ground (six inches above). Again, the extension should run at least four feet away from the house.

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